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Silicone Print Pads

Pad Basics

Choose a pad 30% larger than your image.
To insure good pad roll out and the absence of pinholes always try to choose the steepest angle with a more firm durometer (yellow or orange).

Pad hardness is measured as a durometer reading and indicated by color of silicone:
Very Soft = 20-25    (White color)
Soft = 30-35              (Light Cream Color)
Med. Soft = 40-45    (Yellow Pad)                                                                                 
Medium = 50-55       (Orange color)
Hard = 60-65             (Red)

50-55 durometer (Orange) pads work well on most surfaces and are suitable for most applications.
40-45 (Yellow) is a common and versatile hardness.
30 (Cream) and below for  are for delicate items  or large wide open images.

Pad available with aluminum or wood base / T nut of your choice.
Plywood base with 1/4"- 20 T nut is standard.

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