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Marabu pad printing inks are of the highest quality and opacity covering the broadest range
 of substrates and applications in the industry.

 Using the MCM  mixing CD, the 17 shades below are used for quick and accurate in house    PMS color matching.

colour 920 Lemon colour 932 Scarlet Red colour 954Medium Blue colour 980 Black
colour 922 Light Yellow colour 934Carmine Red colour 956 Brilliant Blue colour 970 White
colour 924 Med. Yellow colour 936 Magenta colour 960 Blue Green  
colour 926 Orange colour 950 Violet colour 962 Grass Green  
colour 930 Vermilion colour 952 Ultramarine Blue colour 940 Brown  
Additional colors:      
colour 191 Silver colour 192 R. Pale Gold colour 193 Rich Gold  
colour429 Pro. Yellow colour 439 Process-Red colour 459 Process-Blue colour489 Process-Black

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