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Specifications Model 10-16           Model 9-44
Cliché Size 250 x 400   1100mm x 220mm
Vacuum Blanket Yes   Yes  
Lamps: 15W   36W  
Power 110/220V 50/60Hz    
Dimensions 500x355x365mm 1500x540x620mm
Weight 45lbs   65lbs  

-Slide out bed with vacuum hold down for easy handling of film and positives
-Non–UV blocking interchangeable vacuum blanket
-Digital timer in one second increments
-Large 2 inch vacuum gauge
-Instant on flicker free 350+nm European light bulbs for maximum polymerization
-Unique diffusing reflector system for even exposure
-Lift up top for easy access to all internal components
-Totally sealed exposure chamber for maximum convenience and safety
-1 year warranty

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